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  • WarehouseNet  2)   WarehouseNet 9.08
    A flexible tool for stock keeper. Best for garment, apparel, home textiles, necktie, socks, footwear, household, apparel, headwear industry, bags, luggage & travel goods......

  • Tray Weather Forecast  3)   Tray Weather Forecast 1
    It allows you to quickly view a weather forecast. Tray icon show current outdoors temperature in chosen city. By clicking on it, hint window will be shown with forecast 3 to 9 days. Hourly forecast is present for 3 days. Internet connection required.

  • CGI Star Professional  4)   CGI Star Professional 5.19
    Common Gateway Software (CGI) creation. Interactive web forms. Mail the form content or the entire page. Attach a file and send. Multi-form input or single click submission. Ideal for online order, feedback, subscriptions, etc. CGI on your server.

  • W2B_Restaurant  5)   W2B_Restaurant 1.06
    W2B Restaurant is a powerful and complete Restaurant Management solution based on the reliable, scalable technologies with which you can control and automate all processes of your Restaurant Business. An ideal solution for wide area chains.

  • Retail Plus  6)   Retail Plus 2.0
    An automated point of sale system can help you a great deal by saving time on routine tasks, increasing accuracy and controling what happens at the sales counter.

  • QualityNet  7)   QualityNet 2.18
    QualityNet is a simple database software used to manage all the quality control, quality assurance, audit analysis and factory evaluation report for your company. Chinese / English Bilingual interface, more applicable for multi-national company

  • IOTracker Pro  8)   IOTracker Pro 2.0
    IOTracker Pro is the premier in-out board with unlimited users and true client/server capabilities. No more questions as to where your employees are and whether they are available. Get organized using this full featured staff tracking system.

  • Billing and Inventory Management tool  9)   Billing and Inventory Management tool
    Billing and inventory management software permit you to create invoices, quotes, purchase orders and other billing-related documents at professional level. Tool allows created invoices can be printed, emailed or faxed to the customer.

  • TradingNet  10)   TradingNet 2.28
    TradingNet is a simple database software used to manage all the Trading Document of your company. It will generate Quotation, Proforma Invoice, Sales Confirmation, Purchase Order, Official Invoice. Further more, Sales report and Invoice report

  • ProductNet  11)   ProductNet 2.28
    ProductNet is a simple database software used to manage all the product of your company. It will generate catalogue, product detail sheet, booklet and brochure.

  • Image Printer - Professional by Blaiz Enterprises  12)   Image Printer - Professional by Blaiz Enterprises 2.00.772
    WYSIWYG picture (graphic) printer. Print graphical letterheads, custom envelopes, fliers, cards, photos, pictures...Custom positioning, 6 Image Scales, 6 Image Positions, Page Orientation, Overall/Close Up view, Auto Close/Auto Print, Flip/Mirror/Rot

  • Accounting and Inventory Software  13)   Accounting and Inventory Software
    Accounting Information software effectively analyze and manage company financial status, business productivity and sales purchase order detail related to income and expenses of your company. Tool retains daily transaction records with date and time.

  • Professional Billing Software  14)   Professional Billing Software
    Accounting information system keeps track of raw material requirements, storage fulfillment, expenses and purchasing details. Billing and accounting software facilitate user to take print-outs of the generated reports for future reference.

  • ManpowerNet  15)   ManpowerNet 2.28
    ManpowerNet is a human resources software used to keep the personal record, day off, academic and working history of employee

  • SampleNet  16)   SampleNet 2.18
    A Sample Order software for small size company in Garment, Fashion Accessories, Shoes, Bags, Luggage, Toys, Travel Goods, Sporting Goods. Apparel, Garment, Fashion, Accessories, Shoes, Footwear, Handbag, Bags, Luggage, Toys, Travel, Goods, Sporting,

  • Cumulus Pro  17)   Cumulus Pro 2.0.2
    Cumulus is a World Class Warehouse Management System that runs distribution centers and warehouses. Inventory Management, Orders and Distribution Control, File Import / Export, Std-User Defined Reports, Service Level Measurement, Back order, ASN

  • Business Accounting Program  18)   Business Accounting Program
    Business accounting program quickly maintains the overall organizational billing details, stock/inventory records, voucher entries, sales purchase order records, income, expenses, employee details, client records, company profile and tax type detail.

  • Delete Files By Date Software  19)   Delete Files By Date Software 7.0
    Search for files before, after or on a specified date. Specify which folders or drives to scan. Find unused files that are no longer needed. Find files that have recently been created or modified. Choose which files to send to the Recycle Bin.

  • PropertyNet  20)   PropertyNet 2.18
    PropertyNet is a simple database software for small size property agency, real estate agent, property sales agent. It maintain all the property detail information for offer

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